DennisWagnerAboutImage“Hi, I’m Dennis Wagner. After only one year of automotive sales, I knew I had found my calling in life; it was helping others become more successful. I had always been a top performing sales professional, and that success continued once I entered management.  I was ranked as the number one sales manager month after month. Upon reflecting over my first year of automotive sales management, I believe my success could be directly correlated with my self-determination to become an expert in sales, sales marketing, and sales management. I did not want to be another mediocre sales manager who simply went to work everyday. I had the uncanny ability to be extremely successful and possessed the ability to lead others within my department to obtain far superior sales results when compared to other departments at my dealer group. I have a limitless need to learn and succeed. I strive to be the best. I am very hands on and instill leadership values in others through example. My clients deserve the expertise, knowledge, and experience I have to offer. I pride myself with my ability to walk into any dealership in the country and do every job in the building at an expert level. Although my dealer clients often rate my sales training, sales management training, and consulting skills higher than some of the nations best, the greatest value is placed upon the practical, real-world information they gain. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you hire trainers or consultants, you pay for the results; not ideas and perceived goals. I guarantee actual results. If I can’t deliver the agreed upon results, I will refund all expenses!”

Dennis Wagner has almost three decades of producing results. He has a knack for being able to recognize your problem areas and implement a plan of action to fix them quickly. Dennis’ background includes being a top performing Salesperson and Sales Manager. He is also an award winning, nationally recognized Finance Director and Used Car Manager. He also has experience as a General Sales Manager as well as General Manager of several multimillion-dollar businesses. Using his personal experiences, expertise, knowledge, and successes from the business world, Dennis has been a renowned mentor and trainer in consultation for nearly a decade. Dennis has been quoted and interviewed by many news channels and newspapers and has a client list from around the country. Dennis is also the founder and President of two very successful businesses.

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“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~ Zig Ziglar