Start Using Video Marketing To Gain and Close More Prospects

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or in the event you are totally out of the loop, you should know video is the hottest form of communication we have right now. Skype, Google Hangouts, Meerkat, FaceTime, Periscope and YouTube have come up and dominated the lines of communication in the last few years.

There’s some pretty heavy, behind the scenes, psychology going on with videos too, that you probably haven’t even considered. Well for your consideration I’m going to break it all down for you into simple terms so you can implement immediately.

Most of us were born after television was invented. Most of us grew up with a TV set in our homes. I grew up with most of my friends & relatives who had black and white TVs. I grew up thinking The General Lee on the Dukes of Hazard was grey. No way in my young mind was that car bright Orange until I got my first lunchbox. We grew up getting our entertainment, and information from TV.

I learned to count from Sesame Street. (Thanks Big Bird) I learned what animals were what from the Zoo and some books at school. And as I got older, I learned that the news anchors were authorities on information. In my mind, from childhood on it was programmed that whoever is on TV is very important.

Also, I think it’s important to add that the #1 fear in Americans is public speaking. That’s right! We’ve got Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh My) but people are more afraid to talk in public than they are any of that. For those of us that communicate with the public on a daily basis, it seems almost wierd.

Anyways, getting on video is a form of public speaking. Only to most people, it’s much worse! They are more scared of video than they are a room full of people. Matter of fact, I know public speakers who won’t do video. They hate video. People have a fear of watching themselves. They think it makes them look older, less attractive or even fat. You are almost always your toughest critic.

Meanwhile, that can become a HUGE advantage for those of us who aren’t afraid to get on video! Right?

If you’re like me and you think FEAR is only a four letter word, then video is wide open. You may not know this, but right now, Facebook and YouTube are going at it for video views. They are both trying to consume and host as much video content as possible. We are talking a battle of the Titans and it’s happening now.

This means you can take advantage of their competition, in multiple ways, by using video.

1. Way number one is influence. When they see you on video they think of you as a person on TV who conquered their fear and is important.

2. Way number two is getting YouTube and Facebook to help promote your content for FREE.

3. Way three is a video sales pitch that works for you 24/7 without you having to do a thing. It’s like having a clone of yourself who works 24 hours each day. You don’t have to feed them, pay them and they don’t sleep. It’s a win-win.

Now, you might think; okay but I don’t know what to make videos about or how to make them. That’s ok! That’s why I’m here and you’re reading this. I’m going to share with you an easy 5 step process to make cool videos. Because, after all, everything revolves around a 5 step process doesn’t it?

You Can Do This with a smartphone and a Free Periscope, Skype, Meerkat, Facebook or YouTube account!

Step One: Ask An Innovative Question

This question needs to let them know, you know. Meaning this question let’s them know that you’re one of them, and that you understand their problem. It needs to repel the people who you DON’T want to watch your video and draw in those perfect prospects you’re making the video for.

Step Two: Become Their Friend

No matter the length of your video you need to bond with them before they will buy from you. The way to do this is to identify one problem (per video) and talk about how you, or better yet, one of your recent clients over came it using your stuff. Hopefully you made a video testimonial of that happy client.

It’s likely, that if you did the research and know your market, there will be people watching the video who have the problem you address. They’ll trust you more if they can hear your voice and see you.

Step Three: Show Them It Works

This is the part where you show them how you or your recent client overcame what you mentioned in the previous step. Now, don’t confuse them with too much information. Give them the short version which should peak their interest.

Step Four: Call To Action

This is the simplest part of the whole process, and at the same time, the one most people screw up on. All you have to do with your call to action is simply ask if they’d like to get the results you got for you or your recent client, for themselves, with your help.

If you’ve done all three previous steps correctly, this part should be a breeze. Make sure, that in your call to action you give them very specific (like you would for a Child) instructions on what to do and expect when they take action.

Step 5: Ask Them To Share

You know how you’re supposed to ask for referrals from everyone, every chance you get? This is that part. After you’ve asked them for their business, you need to ask if they know anyone else you can help. After all, you are their best possible option, Right?

So why wouldn’t they send referrals. All you have to do is end the video with “Please share this video via email or social media with co-workers and friends you know need to see it. Thanks in advance.”

A call to action request for referral combo, Boom! I’ve been making videos forever and I wasn’t always as good as I am now (Still Not Great) and I didn’t have a fancy, internet marketing, 5 step process back then. All that aside, I still took action, it worked for me, it works for my clients, and it will work for you too.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it and please share it with anyone you know it can help. Please leave questions or comments below and I will answer in a timely manner. Thanks again!

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